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You, researcher, play a critical role in our health and the health of the planet. With every successful assay, a problem is solved and new possibilities are brought to life. With every failed assay, a potential answer is ruled out and a new question arises. It is a beautiful process that drives innovation in health, safety and the overall condition of the world. Biotix exists to empower you and your mission.
Innovation is at the heart of Biotix Engineering. Our product development starts with questions. How can we create a product that enables researchers to achieve more accurate and precise results? How can we shorten the time between question and answer? How can we engineer products to use less resources? How can we drive this innovation across our industry and beyond to make a significant and overwhelmingly positive impact?
We invite you to join our quest for game-changing innovation one aspiration at a time.
Manual Pipette Tips

 Designed for ease-of-use, sample preservation, accuracy, and precision.

Perfect Fit
Experience the perfect fit with every tip using our patented FlexFit technology. You’ll be confident of a secure seal thanks to our flexible proximal end.
Clean Delivery
X-Resin technology is a tip that needs no coating, resulting in a uniform composition throughout the tip for ultra-low retention composition throughout the tip to maximize sample recovery.
Blade technology eliminates hanging droplet formation, ensuring sample precision delivery by reducing surface tension at the distal end of the tip.
Biotix uTIP Filter Pipette Tips




2 µl Filter Tip

  10 µl Filter Tip   10 µl XL Filter Tip




20 µl Filter Tip   100 µl Filter Tip   200 µl Filter Tip



300 µl Filter Tip   1000 µl Filter Tip   1250 µl Filter Tip

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