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Revco™ Enzyme Freezers


Choose Thermo Scientific™ Revco™ Enzyme Freezers for storage applications where slight intermittent coil warming during an auto-defrost cycle is not desired. Our manual defrost −20°C upright freezers feature microprocessor control system, gravity air circulation, industrial-quality cabinet construction and extra-strength refrigeration compressors designed for industrial, clinical and scientific use.



       Catalog Number






     Plug Type



 23.3 cu. ft.



 Full Spesifications
 UEN2320D  23.3 cu. ft.  208 to 230V  6-15P  Full Spesifications
 UEN2320V  23.3 cu. ft.  230V  European  Full Spesifications
 UEN2320W  23.3 cu. ft.  230V  U.K.  Full Spesifications
 UEN3020A  29.2 cu. ft.  115V  5-15P  Full Spesifications
 UEN3020D  29.2 cu. ft.  208/230V  6-15P  Full Spesifications
 UEN3020V  29.2 cu. ft.  230V  European  Full Spesifications
 UEN3020W  29.2 cu. ft.  230V  U.K.  Full Spesifications



  • Operating temperature: -20°C
  • Preset temperature setpoint
  • Upright 23.3 cu. ft. (659L) capacity
  • Gravity convection air system for maximum stability without blowers or fans
  • Manual defrost
Microprocessor Control:
  • Icon-based controls and displays
  • Graphic thermometer is steady green when temperature is normal, flashes top bar for overtemperature, flashes bulb for undertemperature
  • Large, easy-to-read digital display of temperature within 0.1°C
  • Audible/visual warnings for overtemperature, undertemperature, or power failure
  • Key-operated OFF/ON/ALARM ON master switch for setpoint security
  • Push-button alarm test
  • Remote alarm contacts
  • Alarm silence, ringback, and auto reset
  • Battery backup system
  • Scratch-resistant, painted cold-rolled steel interior and exterior finishes
  • Solid door with full-length handle and keyed lock—self-closes against closed-cell peripheral gasket
  • High-density, CFC-free urethane foam insulation protects cabinet from ambient temperature fluctuations and minimizes operating costs
  • Hermetically sealed heavy-duty, industrial-grade compressor
  • Nine epoxy-coated, open-wire shelves, adjustable in 1in. (2.5cm) increments
  • Adjustable leveling feet
Ordering Information:

Alarm systems, temperature chart recorders, and power monitors available separately. Contact your Customer Service or Sales Representative for details.


45 high-impact plastic enzyme storage bins for easily accessible inventory. Bin overall dimensions (L × W × H): 25.25 × 4.25 × 3in. (64 × 11 × 8cm); labels not provided.



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