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Innovative analytical instruments, lab equipment and specialty diagnostics that provide rapid and accurate results for customers in research, clinical and applied markets.


Lab Instruments & Equipment - REVCO Refrigerator Categories


Our laboratory-grade refrigerators offer key differences from domestic, retail, or catering storage units, including microprocessor-controlled setpoints, alarms, time- and temperature-sensitive auto-defrost systems, temperature monitoring and recording, and electrical output signals. The Thermo Scientific™ portfolio includes blood bank, chromatography, pharmacy, and laboratory refrigerators. 


Blood Bank Refrigerators

Our blood bank refrigerators are designed to meet strict AABB, Red Cross, and FDA requirements for storing whole blood and blood components for a variety of applications. They feature positive airflow systems, microprocessor control systems, and industrial-quality cabinet construction.


Laboratory Refrigerators

Used in a variety of life sciences, clinical, and industrial applications, our laboratory refrigerators offer secure cold storage solutions for critical samples and materials. Available in under-counter, pass-through, or other varied models, our laboratory refrigerators are ideal for daily laboratory needs.


Pharmacy Refrigerators

Ideal for storing and protecting temperature-sensitive vaccines, our pharmacy refrigerators are designed for stable temperature control over a range of 1°C to 8°C. Some features include microprocessor controls, positive airflow systems, industrial-quality cabinet construction, and extra-strength refrigeration compressors.


Chromatography Refrigerators

Thermo Scientific chromatography refrigerators are designed for close temperature monitoring with full access to the instrumentation apparatus within the refrigerator chamber. They offer microprocessor temperature controls and alarms for verifying sensor continuity.


Lab Instruments & Equipment - Freezers Categories


Our selection of freezers provides safe storage for all your critical samples, offering secure features such as advanced control systems and alarms. The Thermo Scientific™ freezer portfolio consists of laboratory, enzyme, explosion-proof, flammable material, and plasma freezers for a variety of applications. 


Laboratory Freezers

Our laboratory freezers are ideal for routine storage of samples for a variety of clinical, pharmaceutical, and biological applications. Advanced control systems provide temperature control of your samples and reagents.


Enzyme Freezers

Our enzyme freezers are –20°C manual-defrost upright freezers that feature microprocessor control systems, gravity air circulation, industrial quality cabinet construction, and extra-strength refrigeration compressors.


Plasma Freezers

Our plasma freezers maintain storage integrity while ensuring fast heat removal and temperature recovery. Designed to meet AABB, ANRC, and FDA standards for safety and performance, they are ideal for demanding blood bank applications.






Lab Instruments & Equipment - Ultra-low Temperature Freezers Categories


Revco™ ExF -86°C Upright Ultra-Low

Ensure uncompromised sample protection for -50° to -86°C applications with these freezers, designed for daily sample protection and dependability.



Revco™ DxF -40°C Upright Ultra-Low

Ensure uncompromised sample protection for -10° to -40°C applications with Thermo Scientific™ Revco™ DxF Upright


Revco™ UxF -86°C Upright Ultra-Low

Store and protect the optimum capacity of the most critical samples with Thermo Scientific™ Revco™ UxF −86°C Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers.


Revco™ Cryogenic Storage Chest Freezers

Maintain uniform temperatures of −140° and −150°C (safely below the −130°C glass transition temperature of water).



Lab Instruments & Equipment - Centrifuges Categories


Benchtop Centrifuges
Floor Model Centrifuges
Micro Centrifuges
General Purpose Centrifuges


Separations are a critical step in your workflow; thus it’s important to consider the centrifuge requirements and technical specifications for your applications, from selecting the appropriate speed and g-force to exploring the latest trends in centrifugation. A wide array of Thermo Scientific™ centrifuges and their innovative rotors are available for all your processing needs, supporting labware from microplates and microtubes to large-capacity bottles—all designed to deliver outstanding performance spin after spin.



Our compact, safe and easy-to-use microcentrifuges combine power with versatility and convenience. Discover how our microcentrifuges can accelerate your sample preparation processes and support all your micro-volume protocols. 



Benchtop Centrifuges

Thermo Scientific™ benchtop centrifuges deliver efficient sample processing in clinical protocols, cell culture applications, microplate processing and a variety of separation needs.



General Purpose Centrifuges

Thermo Scientific™ general purpose centrifuges featured innovative rotor technologies designed for improved benchtop performance and flexibility, greater sample capacity, and increased speed.



Superspeed Centrifuges

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ superspeed centrifuges combine cutting-edge technology, high-speed performance, and versatile rotor capacities, allowing you to maximize productivity with impressive acceleration rates.



Combining outstanding speed, safety and ergonomics in a compact design, our ultracentrifuges and micro-ultracentrifuges are designed to deliver exceptional performance and versatility for a variety of applications.


Large Capacity Centrifuges

Designed to combine dependable performance and ease‐of‐use with advanced functionality, our large capacity centrifuges provide reproducible separations for high‐throughput applications such as blood banking and bioprocessing.




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