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Revco™ UXF -86°C Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers



Product Description :
  • Supplier No. : UXF40086V
  • Unit : Each
  • Electrical : 230V, 50Hz
  • Capacity : 400 Cryoboxes
  • Volume : 549 L (19.4 cu. ft.)
  • Exterior Dimensions : 198.1H x 82.2W x 95.5D cm (78 x 322/5 x 373/5")
  • Maximum Load per Shelf : 73.4 kg (165 lbs.)
  • Shipping Weight : 332 kg (731 lbs.)
  • Display Touch ScreenLCD

Key Benefits:

  • Maximize sample storage capacity while minimizing the freezer's physical space inside the lab

  • Protects against a wide range of voltage variation and is easily accessible through the touch-screen display

  • 4-20 milliamp output compatible with external alarm and monitoring systems

  • Two rear access, 1″ (25mm) ports allow for the use of inexpedient probes or instrumentation

  • Easy-to-remove, washable filter provides protection against dust on the condense

  • Several optional features including: LN2 and CO2 back-up systems, chart recorder, stainless steel inventory racking solutions and hands-free, proximity-card access system

New Features:

  • Store up to 278 lbs. of samples (depending on freezer model) on reinforced, stainless steel shelving

  • 4×7 heated gasket provides four touchpoints of security and seven zones of protection

  • Five polystyrene insulated inner doors help maintain cabinet temperature during openings and feature embedded rare earth magnets, eliminating exposed latches or magnets

  • Refrigeration system with high-efficiency compressors for excellent performance and reliability

  • Cabinet + Vacuum Insulation Panel Technology increases the internal capacity of 2″ vials up to 4.2%—gain up to 76% more capacity in the same footprint† with 1mL CryoBank tubes

Temperature Control:

  • Performance: features an outstanding BTU (British thermal unit) reserve. This leads to fast door recovery times so that sample integrity isn't compromised†

  • Choice of Refrigeration: For the strictest tolerances, the high-performance mode provides the tightest temperature uniformity and peak variation†—for most applications, energy-savings mode offers excellent temperature control, plus up to 15% savings on energy usage

  • Brazed plate heat exchanger for more efficient heat transfer—induction brazed joints to reduce leak potential and improve reliability


  • Energy-Efficiency: allows you to save up to 15% in energy usage with the energy-savings mode‡ or choose the high-performance mode for applications requiring ultra-tight temperature uniformity—all through an easy-to-use, touch-screen interface

  • CFC/HCFC free refrigerants


  • On-board data storage: Store up to 15 years worth of temperature and event data on our on-board computer

  • Easily exchange data: Use the new USB port to download freezer temperature and event log data, or freezer settings from one freezer to another

  • Safety and Security: feature an innovative, touch-screen control panel that allows 24/7 monitoring of the freezer's health provides access to a detailed event log—built-in USB port enables easy downloading of event log reports to a portable drive

  • Based on internal performance data; Data on file May 2011

  • Compared to energy-savings and high-performance modes.

  • Warranty, please contact us for details



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