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Analytik Jena is a provider of instruments and products in the areas of analytical measuring technology and life science. Its portfolio includes the most modern analytical technology and complete systems for bioanalytical applications in the life science area.

Comprehensive laboratory software management and information systems (LIMS), service offerings, as well as device-specific consumables and disposables, such as reagents or plastic articles, complete the Group’s extensive range of products.




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TTP Labtech designs and manufactures robust, reliable and easy-to-use solutions for sample management, liquid handling and multiplexed detection in drug discovery. We enable life scientists through collaboration, deep application knowledge and leading engineering to accelerate research and make a difference together.Our essential tools include state-of-the-art solutions developed for:


  • - high throughput compound and biologics screening (acumen® Cellista,
      mirrorball® and fully validated consumables such as sol-R™ beads and plates),
  • - flexible sample management workflows from ambient to -800C (comPOUND®,
      arktic®, lab2lab),
  • - and unique low-volume liquid handling for genomics, compound screening and
      protein crystallography (mosquito®X1, mosquito®HTS, mosquito®Crystal,
      mosquito®LCP, mosquito®HV, dragonfly®crystal, dragonfly®discovery and a full range of    
  •   validated consumables such as tips and plates).



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Our customers store chemical compounds and biological samples for long periods of time to enable them to develop a better understanding of disease processes and help develop new treatments for the future.
We love the fact that we help this research by providing the storage and tracking products that enable scientists to carry out their research safe in the knowledge that their samples are preserved and identified for decades into the future. Who knows, maybe one day we'll find that a key treatment is developed with the help of material stored in FluidX 2D-Coded Tubes!
FluidX Admin Building UK
The team at FluidX probably know more about 2D Storage Tubes and Readers than any other group in the world. We should! After all we were part of the team that developed the very first 2D-Coded Tubes back in 1999.
Soon after we also introduced the world's very first reader capable of reading a whole rack of 96 tubes. Seems common-place now but then it was revolutionary. The core of the decoding engine developed for that very first reader is still being used in our readers today and, with over fifteen years of continuous development, it's no wonder FluidX readers perform so well and provide the most robust and reliable de-coding available.
Since that time we've been at the forefront of developing consumables and readers, and many of our products featured on this web site are "firsts". Today we continue to innovate and we are delighted to introduce new products and updates to provide improved tools for our customers - almost on a weekly basis.
As one of our customers commented; "FluidX are great, they have really useful products". How do we do this? Easy, we talk, we ask questions, we listen and then we develop great products! Our greatest pleasure is seeing that a new product really does make our customers' lives easier and helps their research; our biggest compliment is to get the comment, "wow what an amazing product".
On October, 1, 2014, FLUIDX, in combination with our development partners Cedrex A/S and BioFex Ltd., was acquired by Brooks Automation, Inc. to help form a new Consumables and Instruments group within Brooks Life Science Systems, a Global leader in automated cold-chain management for drug discovery and biostorage applications.





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At Biotix, we focus on Xtreme Quality. This means producing the highest quality manual and automation tips the industry has ever seen. Our quality process begins long before the manufacturing stage. It starts with understanding your needs. Our production floor is a tightly controlled environment where everything from temperature, humidity and air particulate is monitored. These production measures, coupled with our rigorous inspection requirements, ensure that our products are molded to strict quality specifications, making us the most consistent tip producer in the industry.
We use a technically superior lot control system to maintain total quality control down to the smallest detail. With Serial Numbering down to the individual tip tray and CV Testing data printed on every box, you can see for yourself the stringency of our process. As a result of these efforts, you are guaranteed the best possible product for your laboratory.




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Food Quality Testing

Introducing The Saftest™ a high sensitivity platform for food and biodiesel testing. The combination of touch screen based protocols with ready-to-use kits make your most demamnding applications quick, simple and accurate. With R coefficient > 0.98, nanomolar sensitivity and low CV values, this AOAC Certified System and Kits are the most economical solution for accurate determination of Peroxide Value (PV), Free Fatty Acids (FFA)/ Acid Number, Gylcerin, Percent Fat and other analytes in your production, quality assurance and R&D environment. A simple, easy-to-use bi-chromatic photometric analyzer that used to rancidity test for food, raw material, petfood, oil, etc. This test rapid, repeatable, no extractions or hoods, fast sample preparation and testing. Applicable for incoming screen, Qualify Suppliers, Vendor Assurance, Quality Check, Antioxidant effectiveness, Stabilizer effectiveness, Reaction completion, Quality Control, Shelf Life Studies. Saftest™ measures quality indicators on food reproducibility. 



OF MP Biomedicals, LLC - SINGAPORE

Provide the diagnostic kit from Rapid Test, Western Blot, and ELISA Method.



  • RST-hCG urine/serum, CE Mark No. Order : 43570-050 (50 test/kit)
  • Assure HEV IgM, CE Mark No. Order : 43160-020 (20 test/kit)
  • Assure Helicobacter pylori , CE Mark No. Order : 43490-020 (20 test/kit)
  • Assure TB, CE Mark No. Order : 43500-020 (20 test/kit)
  • Assure Syphilis, CE Mark No. Order : 43560-020 (20 test/kit)
  • Assure Dengue IgA, CE Mark No. Order : 41580-020 (20 test/kit)
  • Multisure HCV (new) No. Order : 43131-020 (20 test/kit)
  • Assure HBsAg RT No. Order : 43501-020 (20 test/kit)



  • HIV 2.2 WB, CE Mark, No. Order : 11030-018 (18 test/kit)
  • HIV 2.2 WB, CE Mark No. Order : 11030-036 (36 test/kit)
  • HTLV 2.4 WB, CE Mark No. Order : 11080-018 (18 test/kit)
  • HTLV 2.4 WB, CE Mark No. Order : 11080-036 (36 test/kit)
  • HCV Blot 3.0, CE Mark No. Order : 11130-018 (18 test/kit)
  • HCV Blot 3.0, CE Mark No. Order : 11130-036 (36 test/kit)







Produce complete range of Rapid Diagnostic and ELISA kit which use Sensitive Immunochromatographic Method, One Step Test







Cerilliant is an ISO Guide 34 and ISO 17025 accredited company dedicated to producing and providing high quality Certified Reference Standards and Certified Spiking Solutions™.


We serve a diverse group of customers including private and public laboratories, research institutes, instrument manufacturers and pharmaceutical concerns - organizations that require materials of the highest quality, whether they're conducing clinical or forensic testing, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical research, or developing new testing equipment. But we do more than just conduct science on their behalf. We make science smarter. 



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Solid Phase Extraction products and application, Station Manifold for sample preparation, Flash Columns compatible with all purification systems, Glass Block Manifold for sample preparation, Selectra HPLC Columns optimized analytical solutions for forensic toxicologists, Positive Pressure Manifold quickly process up to 48 samples at one time, Universal Vacuum Manifold a 3-in- one solution that accommodate a 24 well, 48 and 96 well plate configuration. 




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