Life Science

We provide some of life science products that are processed from biological products

Biometra TRIO

TRIO is a unique PCR system that provides you with maximum flexibility, in which three different PCR protocols can run simultaneously or when a large sample number shall be processed.

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Compact Multi-Wide

Compact Multi-Wide is the latest member of the Compact Family and completes the electrophoresis portfolio for the identification, quantification and purification of nucleic acid fragments.

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Eco series

Ideal for PAGE electrophoresis and blotting applications.
With Biometra Eco-Line, Analytik Jena offers a robust, modular tank system for PAGE electrophoresis and blotting applications to support you in your protein analysis.

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SpeedMill PLUS

Homogenizer for various starting materials for isolation DNA, RNA, or proteins. Efficient sample cooling up to -80 oC, prior, during and after preparation. Rapid and efficient homogenized in Lysis Tubes that have been optimized for the very short time.

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